10 reasons why you should join Play by Ear Music School



1) Our music school has a solid foundation that has been functioning for more than 10 years, and we specialise purely on contemporary music since 2003. During these years we have shaped and brought our methodology to perfection; we understand the importance of improvisation in music, and we know how to teach it properly.



2) It may be common sense that playing and teaching music is two separate things, however, distinguishing between the two and applying the appropriate measures is not an easy task to carry out. We play not only by ear, but also based on how we feel music. The difference is that we cannot teach just by how we feel it. Teaching is a different kind of art altogether. Some musicians and teachers are talented and can play very well, but when it comes to educating, they can’t explain the reasoning and techniques behind improvisation.



3) Since we are not driven by hollow prosperity, we have never held any special promotions or offers, however good of a business plan to increase our income that may be. Our teaching, lessons and methodology have a certain value which carries our message of integrity. We are passionate about getting our teachings right and making each lesson count. We don’t just strive to be different for the sake of being different. We are different, because we truly believe in our cause.



4) Music may be subjective, but the language of music is universal. When it comes to music theory, especially in contemporary music where there are thousands of terms and styles, it is very easy for a teacher to slip and teach something incorrectly or confusingly. At PBE, each of our instructors will teach you only the correct things in an appropriate manner, according to our methodically crafted syllabus. We will not take any shortcuts, stick to rigid teachings or omit parts that we not deem that important. We have a reputation that carries a certain value which is very significant to us, and we only wish to improve on it.



5) Throughout the entire course on our grounds you will be never made or asked to pay for anything extra outside of your usual school fees. You will not be forced to buy an instrument, score sheets, instructional books or anything of the sort, simply because our instructors and administrative staff are not paid by commissions.  We are not salesmen; we are sincere educators with no hidden agendas.



6) We are the only authorised school in Singapore to use the P.B.E.S™, the internationally franchised Play by Ear Syllabus, an acclaimed teaching methodology that embodies the study of contemporary music improvisation and aural techniques. Click here ► for more information about PB.E.S™



7) Our school does not operate just to hire random teachers and simply assign them to our students, and because of that we can ensure to provide you with better suited tutors than anyone else. Every single of our instructors is carefully selected and analysed solely by the founder of our school. Our analysis does not only take into account the skills of a chosen applicant - their playing ability, experience in teaching and performing or their reputation in the music industry. We put a large emphasis on our applicants’ personality as well. Many musicians tend to have an attitude, but that is a quality not suitable for our educators. We take measures to employ teachers with pleasant approach, the ability to present and communicate well, and have lots of patience alongside of being well-educated and skilled musicians. After our careful process of selection, all of our instructors undergo rigorous training in the P.B.E.S™ staff training module before they can pass and be sat in for class monitoring.



8) Despite being a niche business unlike other traditional music schools, we are a franchised chain that has branches and networks in Malaysia, Canada, and Japan. We are a proven and successful brand that is globally renowned. We still remain a niche even today, because we are pleased with our identity.



9) All of our newly enrolled and subsequently upgraded students will receive the latest P.B.E.S™ student edition textbook, respective to their current levels, for free. All of our study materials are available exclusively to our students. None of our materials are for sale to the general public, as we want to retain exclusiveness just for our students and avoid selling any books or scores just to make some extra money.



10) With currently having enrolled more than 500 students in our school, we are arguably the most popular contemporary music school in Singapore. We honor our cause of educating, take it seriously and do not make any compromises. We are known for what we are, because we teach with integrity.








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