Jazz Piano Improvisation Course

(in conjunction with P.B.E.Syllabus™)


Mode of coaching: one-on-one (individual)

Lesson duration: 45minutes

Lessons frequency: 1 lesson per week

Prerequisite: Reasonable music background


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Jazz piano carries a sense of class and décor like a lounge pianist in a hotel lobby. The genre itself covers the highest levels of contemporary music, and involves sophisticated chords & rhythms. There is literally so much to learn and discover, and you can meet the music of the greats like Chick Corea, Bill Evans, and Keith Jarrett.


The Jazz Piano Improvisation course duration is  subject to the individual's learning pace and preferences. This course is only suitable for students with strong music background and interest in Jazz music. The entire course can also be fully customized to individual needs without following the P.B.E.Syllabus upon request. Click here   if you are unsure whether to enroll for Pop Piano or Jazz Piano with your current music background.




Syllabus content for P.B.E.S™


Objective: The Jazz Piano Improvisation course exposes you to all aspects of Jazz Piano Improvisation, including voicings, scale theory, rhythmic variation, chord progressions, soloing, reharmonization and more.  You will be trained to perform in solo, trio and band settings.





Subject J:1 | Basic and Diatonic 7th Chords

Subject J:2 | Chord formation and Extended Chords

Subject J:3 | Understanding Tension & Voicings

Subject J:4 | The ii-V-I Progression

Subject J:5 | Circle of Fifths

Subject J:6 | Modes, Bebop scale and Chords

Subject J:7 | Reharmonization, Tritones and Chord Progressions

Subject J:8 | Ending a song with progressions

Subject J:9 | Jazz Turnarounds





Musicianship and Styles


Subject J:13 | Swing

Subject J:14 | Left hand Walking Bass

Subject J:15 | Ideas for Jazz Improvisation

Subject J:16 | Popular Jazz Piano Riffs

Subject J:17 | Melody Displacement

Subject J:18 | The Blues Form

Subject J:19 | Blues Left Hand Shuffle

Subject J:20 | Blues Right Hand Ideas & Ending

Subject J:21 | Scales for the Blues

Subject J:22 | Blues Expressions and Grooves

Subject J:23 | Blues-based Runs

Subject J:24 | The Pentatonic Scale

Subject J:25 | Latin and Bossa Nova

Subject J:26 | Reggae

Subject J:27 | R&B and Gospel

Subject J:28 | Ear Training for Jazz