PBE Club (Student Privileges)


Students who are enrolled in any course in the school will automatically be in the PBE Club and be able to enjoy the following privileges:



1. Free usage of practice/waiting rooms and master class studios


PBE Students can use the digital pianos in our practice room (Studio 5) and waiting room (level 2) for practice at any time during school operating hours 7 days a week. No booking is needed. However, students are required to bring their own earphones/headphones (using the normal mini jack) during practice.




2. Free P.B.E.S™ course textbooks


Each PBE Student will be given an exclusive P.B.E.S™ student edition textbook (the relevant levels) for free during the initial sign-up and when upgrading to the next level during the course of learning. Our P.B.E.S™ materials are never for sale to the public and only provided exclusively for active learning PBE students.




3. Free access to our P.B.E.S™ fake sheets library


Our fake sheets library is a massive collection of student's previously requested contemporary songs in all genres from English oldies, Modern Chinese Pop, Contemporary Worship, Korean to Anime theme songs. These fake sheets are painstakingly transcribed to its simplest form with lessen anticipated  melody lines and basic chord triads in common key signatures for easy learning.  Please note that our fake sheets are not for SALE and used only for educational purposes.




4. PBE Student prices for musical instruments


We are the authorised dealer for all popular music instrument brands from Yamaha, Korg, Casio to Kawai.  PBE Students get to enjoy exclusive massive discounts from our range of Digital pianos and acoustic guitars.




5. Exclusive invitations to perform


All PBE students have equal opportunities regardless of playing level to perform for our piano recitals, student band performances and other social events. We hold our events at prestigious venues such as the Raffles Hotel Jubilee Hall, the Alliance Francaise Theatre and BluJazz cafe.