ear training holiday workshop for kids (PLAY BY EAR Music School)

Title of workshop: Ear training holiday workshop for Kids (age 7-12)


Category: All levels workshop

Max pax: 10 students | Duration: 60mins

Light refreshments provided

(little goody bag for each child)

Parents cannot accompany the child during the workshop.


Each workshop costs: $65

Click here to register ONLINE for workshop

You may also register physically at our Bugis Branch


Venue: PBE Bugis Branch 245B Victoria Street, 2nd floor Masterclass studio, Singapore 188032

For enquiry, please email: info@play-by-ear.net  or call 63387939



Description of workshop:


This is a one-of-a-kind workshop designed specifically for children from age 7 to 12 years old. This workshop acts as a great supplement for children with classical music background, and also benefit as a stand-alone program for children with absolutely no prior music background.


The studio is equipped with a HD camera mounted at the top, videoing on the instructor’s piano and hands, and projected on the screen LIVE. Different instruments will be used during the workshop for demonstration as well to enhance the learning experience.


Your child will be trained in three aspects: melody intervals, chord tones in context and contemporary music genres appreciation. By the end of the 60mins workshop, your child will be able to listen and identify the differences between Jazz/Blues, Pop Ballads, R&B and Rock styles. Your child will also understand both the tonal qualities of a major and minor triad and basic note intervals. Exclusive notes will be given during the workshop.