for Pop Piano / Pop Vocal / Pop Guitar / Pop Piano Junior Improvisation Courses

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Monthly payment (for 4 lessons)

P.B.E.S™ Level 1: $172 per month

P.B.E.S™ Level 1B: $180 per month

P.B.E.S™ Level 2: $188 per month
P.B.E.S™ Level 2B: $196 per month

P.B.E.S™ Level 3: $204 per month
P.B.E.S™ Level 3B: $212 per month

P.B.E.S™ Level 4: $220 per month
P.B.E.S™ Level 4B: $228 per month



Course fees for Jazz Piano Improvisation Course

P.B.E.S™ Level Jazz: $236 per month


The school fees above is based on 4 lessons in a month (4 weeks - One lesson per week).




Should the month has only 3 weeks (due to a public holiday) or 5 weeks, the school fees will be prorated accordingly. There are no 'school holidays' or 'school terms' where you pay school fees for literally no lessons. As such, It does not matter which part of the month you register and commence your first lesson, as school fees will be prorated accordingly. The duration of each P.B.E.S™ level is estimated between 3 to 9 months (with the exception of Jazz Piano Level), depending on individual's learning pace. All of the above charges are based on private one-to-one coaching. The duration of each lesson is 45mins. Click here ► to sign up online now

$20 administration fee (one time only)

The school will never make you pay for anything else throughout your entire course. All musical instruments (usage within school premises only), fake sheet scores and other additional materials (if any) will also be provided free for educational purposes throughout the entire P.B.E.S™ course.


$100 refundable deposit (one time only - fully refundable with proper termination)

The deposit is applicable only for regular one-on-one courses. The lessons are conducted on a weekly basis by default throughout the entire course. Should you decide to terminate before graduation, you are required to give a one month advanced notice to the school before your last official lesson which you will be attending. A 30 day advance notice is required for peak hour slots.


New signups will receive the P.B.E.S™ student edition textbook for their current level, for free. As students progress to the subsequent levels, the corresponding P.B.E.S™ student edition textbook will be provided as well. Click here ► for all PBE student privileges

Course Schedule

For slots availability, please whatsapp us at 91798110. Alternatively, you may also call our administrator at 63387939. Our administration operating hours are Mon-Fri 11:30am-09:15pm and Sat-Sun 11:00am-5:00pm. Students can choose their preferred lesson timing. The time slots are as follow:

Weekdays (off peak hours)

1130am - 1215pm

1215pm - 1pm

1pm - 145pm

145pm - 230pm

230pm - 315pm

315pm - 4pm

4pm - 445pm

445pm - 530pm

Weekends (peak hours)

11am - 1145am

1145am - 1230pm

1230pm - 115pm

115pm - 2pm

2pm - 245pm

245pm - 330pm

330pm - 415pm

415pm - 5pm

5pm - 545pm

545pm - 630pm

630pm - 715pm

715pm - 8pm

Weekdays (peak hours)

530pm - 615pm

615pm - 7pm

7pm - 745pm

745pm - 830pm

830pm - 915pm

The slots are on a fixed weekly basis. For example, if you choose Wednesday 7pm, then you will attend lessons every Wednesday 7pm on a weekly basis. If you are unable to attend a lesson, you may postpone your lesson with 3 days advanced notice. In such an event, you will be credited a makeup lesson which expires within a year from the date the makeup lesson was generated. Click here ► for the full school policies

Off Peak Benefits

Students who decide to have their lessons during our off-peak timing will be given more flexibility for changing and booking their lessons.


Off peak minimum notice period:

Lesson Postponements - 24 hours or earlier in advance

Temporary or Permanent termination - 24 hours or earlier in advance


Peak hour minimum notice period:

Lesson Postponements - 72 hours or earlier in advance

Temporary or Permanent termination - 30 days earlier in advance












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