Our Mission - To demystify contemporary music playing and to teach it systematically.


P is for Professional. Each PBE instructor is a professional. Professional in their teaching methods, professional in the way they present themselves and professional in their code of conduct.


B is for Better. Each PBE instructor always strives to better himself/herself in lesson preparation, communication and musicianship.


E is still for Ear.



Our values - To teach in all sincerity with no ‘attitude’ problem.


Our vision - To inspire and nurture the musical talents of each student. To spread the awareness and understanding of contemporary music improvisation and the mastery of the P.B.E.S™ teaching methodology. To be the worldwide recognized music school that is synonymous with the term "The Pop & Jazz Music School".


We understand teaching and playing are two separate things, especially as it relates to contemporary music. Students from all walks of life, running the gamut from no musical studies to the level of 'Classical Music Grade 8', have come to learn from us. Our students range from complete beginners, children, casual music enthusiasts to music teachers and even accomplished musicians. The love of teaching is the passion that has driven us all these years. The challenges and rewards of teaching are the motivating forces at Play by Ear.