Pop Piano or Jazz Piano? Three possible scenarios you might face


1) If you have zero or very little background, you should only go for Pop Piano Improvisation P.B.E.S™ Level 1. The Level 1 will take by average 3-4 months to complete and you will then automatically move on to P.B.E.S™ Level 2 under your same assigned instructor. Even as a beginner, you are able to play a few easy Jazz standards like "Autumn Leaves" or "Fly me to the Moon" in easy Ballad styles using only primary chords.


2) If you have basic background in Classical Music (.e.g. Grade 1-4) and you have not played the piano for years, you should only go for P.B.E.S™ Level 1. The instructor will teach accordingly to your pace and skip any unnecessary practical and theory that you might already know. Even as a beginner, you are able to play a few easy Jazz standards like "Autumn Leaves" or "Fly me to the Moon" in easy Ballad styles using only primary chords.


3) If you have moderate or strong background (e.g. Grade 8 or self taught pop) with some improvisation abilities, you should go for P.B.E.S™ Level 2. You must complete the whole of P.B.E.S™ Level 2 before moving up to P.B.E.S™ Level 3 or 4. If you specifically wish to learn Jazz Piano, then you should go directly for P.B.E.S™ Jazz Piano Improvisation (without going through op Piano Improvisation P.B.E.S™ 1 to 4) in which you will be guaranteed with a senior Jazz Piano Instructor.




The entire level of Pop Piano Improvisation P.B.E.S™ Level 1 to 4 will be conducted by our Pop Piano instructors. The main difference is in the teaching contents and the instructors' playing abilities.  P.B.E.S™ Level 1 is structured to get the student to play something simple. P.B.E.S™ Level 2 to 4 has more scope for flexibility as the student is proficient enough to explore other Pop songs and concepts. Since the sessions are 1-to-1, the instructor can assess the student and decide where to start from. The instructor is trained to handle every student differently (since every student is different), and to understand their previous musical background and their interests.  Thus it is important for the student to tell the instructor what he or she prefers to learn, for example, learning accompaniment (play & sing) or solo-playing, fill-ins, more left hand techniques, more up-tempo rhythms, more 'complicated' chords, more Chinese/Korean songs, more Worship styles, etc. The Jazz Piano Improvisation P.B.E.S™ course is taught by our Jazz piano instructors. The fees are  higher as compared to Pop Piano Improvisation. Jazz Piano is only suitable for those with strong playing background. Jazz Piano is also regarded as Advanced Pop Piano, thus if you are very advanced (able to improvise Pop Piano very well) but may not have very strong interest in Jazz, we will still recommend you to start with Jazz Piano, as the Jazz instructors are more advanced and experienced. The teaching contents are often tailored to your personal preferences.


If you are still unsure about which Level or course to begin with, email us at info@play-by-ear.net