Pop Guitar (Acoustic) Improvisation Course

(in conjunction with P.B.E.Syllabus™)


Mode of coaching: one-on-one (individual)

Lesson duration: 45minutes

Lessons frequency: 1 lesson per week

Prerequisite: Zero music background


Students with reasonable music background can enroll directly to P.B.E.S™ Level 2. Click here for self assessment to determine Level


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In any random group of people, there is usually one person who can play the guitar. The acoustic guitar is a great versatile instrument; it is portable and requires no additional accessories. Ideal for group singing, and yet intimate enough to play for just one person. Enroll in our Pop Guitar course to learn various improvisation techniques from strumming to plucking, and play your favorite pop songs!


The duration for the Pop Guitar (Acoustic) Improvisation course (P.B.E.S™ Level 1 to 4) is subject to the individual's learning pace and preferences. An acoustic guitar is provided (only for use during lessons within PBE premises) during the course. Students with reasonable music background can expect a shorter course duration. Upon completion of the Pop Guitar (Acoustic) Improvisation Course (P.B.E.S™ Level 1 to 4), students may continue their progress with the optional P.B.E.S™ advanced understudy program. Lessons can also be fully customized upon request (without following the P.B.E.Syllabus™)

Syllabus content for P.B.E.S™ LEVEL 1




The Pop Guitar P.B.E.S™ Level 1 is suitable for complete beginners who want to start learning the guitar the fun and expressive way, without compromising proper techniques and necessary music fundamentals. You will learn to form easy primary chords and playing your choice of pop songs using basic plucking and strumming patterns.


Subject 1:1 | Guitar Fretboard

Subject 1:2 | Methods of tunning

Subject 1:3 | Posture and position for holding the guitar

Subject 1:4 | Playing techniques for single strings

Subject 1:5 | Reading guitar symbols (tablatures)

Subject 1:6 | Primary chords for Pop music

Subject 1:7 | Basic rhythm foundation

Subject 1:8 | Open-Position chords

Subject 1:9 | Basic plucking

Subject 1:10 | Basic strumming

Subject 1:11 | Easy play and sing co-ordination

Subject 1:12 | Proper fingering techniques

Syllabus content for P.B.E.S™ LEVEL 2




The intermediate level explores the different major and minor triads (open-position chords and barre chords) around the fret board using the CAGED system. Students will learn the various methods of improvising your own choice of pop songs using strumming, plucking and finger picking patterns in 8th beat pop ballad and up-tempo rhythms.


Subject 2:1 | Play and sing co-ordination II

Subject 2:2 | Playing with modes

Subject 2:3 | Plucking patterns I

Subject 2:4 | Strumming patterns I

Subject 2:5 | Barre chords

Subject 2:6 | Open-Position scales

Subject 2:7 | Rhythmic skills I

Subject 2:8 | Fingering exercises

Subject 2:9 | 'Moving' chords

Subject 2:10 | Major and minor 7th chords

Subject 2:11 | Dominant 7th chords

Subject 2:12 | Key modulations

Subject 2:13 | Pentatonic scale

Subject 2:14 | Caged method

Syllabus content for P.B.E.S™ LEVEL 3




Play your choice of pop songs comfortably, while demonstrating advanced arpeggio patterns and more difficult plucking and strumming techniques. Level 3 covers complex chords including sus4, dim7th and aug7th chords as well as pull-offs, string bending and strum choke applications in 16th beat rhythms.


Subject 3:1 | Alternating bass for chords

Subject 3:2 | Rhythmic skills II

Subject 3:3 | Plucking patterns II

Subject 3:4 | Strumming patterns II

Subject 3:5 | Suspended chords

Subject 3:6 | Dim7 and Aug7 chords

Subject 3:7 | Arpeggio patterns

Subject 3:8 | 'Voicing'

Subject 3:9 | Hammer-on

Subject 3:10 | Pull-off

Subject 3:11 | Bending of string

Subject 3:12 | Strum and choke techniques

Syllabus content for P.B.E.S™ LEVEL 4




As an advanced student, you will discover how to solo over chord progressions, and how to improvise in different pop genres using modes and scales The Pop Guitar PBES™  Level 4 also covers in-depth ear training, song composition and basic song transcribing techniques. You will also explore the blues scale and the various riffs used in modern music.


Subject 4:1 | Soloing over chord tones

Subject 4:2 | Rhythmic skills II

Subject 4:3 | Playing with syncopation

Subject 4:4 | Advanced Plucking patterns

Subject 4:5 | Advanced Strumming patterns

Subject 4:6 | Advanced arpeggio patterns

Subject 4:7 | Application of blues scales

Subject 4:8 | 12-bar blues progression

Subject 4:9 | Improvisation

Subject 4:10 | Aural training

P.B.E.S™ ADVANCED (Optional):


The P.B.E.S™ advanced is a long term 1-to-1 fully tailored, private study program under an assigned advanced instructor. Students who have completed the Guitar Improvisation Course (P.B.E.S Level 1 to 4) can apply for this program. You will develop your dexterity and speed, as well as other improvisation techniques such as re-harmonization and latin soloing style. The P.B.E.S™ advanced program explores other different styles such as flamenco, gypsy, rumba and other Spanish favours. You will also develop the ability to improvise on the acoustic guitar, and a good ear for picking up music by ear.